The Sharia Council is a body that monitors compliance with the principles of ethics and honesty. In IMAN, any decision regarding business processes must be audited by the Council.

Doctor Ziyaad Mahomed

Head of Sharia Board

Dr. Ziyad is an Ethical center of IMAN. 20+ years of experience in commercial banks (HSBC Amanah) and consulting firms.At IMAN, Dr. Ziyad is responsible for issuing fatwa to verify legitimacy of financial processes in accordance with the Shariah standards and conducting an annual Shariah audit.

Education: PhD in Islamic Finance, INCEIF, Anglia Ruskin University.

Doctor Ziyaad Mohammad
Khondamir Nusratkhuzhayev

Hondamir Nusrathujaev

Fair Finance Advisor

Khondamir is a pioneer of Ethical Finance in Uzbekistan and an evangelist of IMAN development. 15+ years of experience in consulting, auditing (PwC, EY, Deloitte) and Ethical banking (Ethical Development Bank) in the field of Ethical financial contracts. Hondamir is also a member of the AAOIFI Financial Accounting Council.At IMAN, Hondamir is engaged in refining the business model within the framework of the core principles of Fikh and Fair financF.

Education: Tashkent State University of Economics

About shariah compliance certificate

A fatwa is a decision on an issue made by scholars based on the
principles of Islam and Islamic Legal Practice.