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About registration of investors, investment process, financing of installments, risk minimization, receipt and distribution of profits


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Shariah compliance

Compliance with the principles of Islamic finance is confirmed by the Board of Muslims of Uzbekistan, as well as by the Malaysian Sheikh. Dr. Ziyad Muhammad


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25 mln

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3 mln

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18 year

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Initial Investment

25 mln

Monthly Investment

3 mln

Investment term

18 year

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Frequently Asked Questions

IMAN directs funds received from investors to finance the sale of goods and services in installments. That is, goods such as household appliances, furniture, auto parts, electronics, sporting goods and services such as medical care, treatment, surgical operations and training courses are purchased from IMAN partners. The purchased goods and services are sold to customers in installments with a margin from 0% to 35%. When applying a margin of 0%, profit is obtained due to discounts (bonuses) provided by partners. Taxes and other expenses are deducted from the profit. 90% of the remaining net profit will be distributed to the investor, and 10% to IMAN. For example, if we imagine that the funds of an investor who invested 1 million soums brought 300,000 soums of net profit, then 270,000 soums of this net profit belong to the investor, and 30,000 soums belong to IMAN.

IMAN directs investments to finance goods and services in such sectors as healthcare, education, sports, trade in electronics, large and small household appliances, construction materials and others.

In financial pyramids, the money of one investor is distributed to the second investor, and no value is created for the economy. But, our investments are directed to trade and installments, and we are making our contribution to accelerate the development of the economy. We carry out all our activities within the framework of the law, unlike pyramids. Our legal relations with investors are regulated by the following documents:A public offer is a legal document that sets out all the rights and obligations of the parties.The Privacy Policy is a document that is considered as the basis for storing and using information provided by users.

Using the % symbol does not mean usury. A percentage means 1/100 of something. IMAN and investors trade together in partnership. That is, it is engaged in the sale of goods such as household appliances, electronics, furniture. This is called an Mudarabah contract in Islamic finance.For example, if your investment of 1 million soums is aimed at trading, if you imagine that after 1 year it brought a net profit of 300,000 soums, then 90% of this net profit will belong to you and 10% to IMAN. That is, you will receive a profit of 270,000 soums. This means that 270,000 soums is equal to 27% of your investment. From this we can conclude that the profit comes from trading, and this is a simple trade in a market you know. The only difference is that a market trader trades with his own money or with borrowed money. IMAN and investors trade in partnership. Profits and losses are also distributed as permitted in Islamic finance.

Yes, you can. If you want to withdraw funds before the end of the selected period, then the investment will be returned to you within 90 days from the date of writing the application. When withdrawing investments before the end of the selected period, your profit for the last month will be calculated according to the formula in the system, which takes into account the fact of early withdrawal of investments.

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Achieve your goals faster with IMAN


Achieve your goals faster with IMAN