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3 Products Based on the Principles of Islamic Finance

  • 1
    IMAN InvestAccessible investments and capital management service
  • 2
    IMAN PayBuy now, pay later service, allowing customers to shop and pay with instalments
  • 3
    IMAN MarketplaceOnline marketplace with more than 10,000 goods available ranging from clothes to property.

How It Works


Accessible investments and capital management service allowing our partners to gain access to a user-friendly and transparent investment platform starting as little as 1 000 000 UZS, as well as an opportunity to increase their wealth in accordance with Islamic Finance principles.



Buy Now, Pay Later service, which can be used online or offline at checkouts of more than 100 stores across Tashkent.

IMAN Marketplace

IMAN Marketplace is an online trade platform with over 10,000 products from various online and offline stores. It also provides a variety of goods, ranging from clothing and household appliances, to real estate and cars, which can be purchased in installments through the IMAN Pay service.


Become an investor

«IMAN is a concept built on the principles of fairness and transparency in accordance with the unbreakable rules of Fair Finance»