Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMAN?

IMAN is a sincere belief that everything that happens comes from the Almighty. IMAN INVEST is an application for increasing the well-being of people based on noble trade and fair partnership and the redistribution of capital from developed to developing countries.

All business processes at IMAN are subject and successfully go through the annual Sharia Auditing. Transactions only take place after all assets are fully owned prior to being sold.

It is the type of investments aimed at creating positive social impact. Such industries as harmful production, alcohol and tobacco sale, destructive entertainment and other enterprises that are damaging to society are considered unethical according to Islamic Finance.

Any citizen from any point of the world can invest in IMAN Invest, as long as they are 18 years old and have a valid proof of ID.

UZS 2 500 000 is the minimum amount, however, we recommend that you invest from 105 million UZS, since with a given amount of investment (and above), you begin to receive 99% of profits from business projects and funded IMAN transactions.

1) Public Offer Agreement - is a legal document where all rights and responsibilities are listed.
2) Confidentiality Policy -a document that allows IMAN to use and store personal data provided by users.

After you invest your funds in IMAN, IMAN itself will manage your investments, directing them to finance profitable projects.

100% of investments are directed to finance profit-generating projects and transactions in the IMAN ecosystem, where there is also an investor's personal account, with which you can monitor how your funds work in real time.

Scoring is a system for evaluating and predicting the solvency of potential buyers. The average rate of non-repayment of loans in Uzbekistan is ~5%, while IMAN, using an AI-based scoring system, predicts a non-repayment of loans of 3%.

Reinvestment is the practice of periodically directing the profit from investments back to profit-generating projects and transactions, which increases the expected profit by 40-80%. For example, 1,000,000 soums were invested on January 1, and the investor received a profit of 100,000 soums at the end of January. Therefore, next month (in February), these 100,000 soums will also be used to finance installments, which will also bring profit to the investor.

Yes, every investor has his own personal account in the IMAN Invest application, which is designed to provide all the information in real time: about profitability, about the composition of your portfolio and forecasts; in an easy-to-understand form.

Yes, investors can withdraw their funds with profit at the time of the actual exit only after the expiration of the minimum period of 3 months. The average withdrawal period is 1 month, as all legal requirements of this process must be met.

As a managing partner and for organizing all investment processes, IMAN earns from 1% to 10% net profit (after taxes)for its services, depending on the amount and term chosen by the investor.

The source of profit for IMAN investors is trade: trade in installments - the sale of goods with a certain margin, depending on the term of the installment. The mark-up is reasonable, since the goods are issued to the buyer at the time of sale, and full payment for the purchase occurs only after the expiration of the agreed period, which carries certain risks to the seller. Investments, like any other type of profitable enterprise, carry reasonable risks. It should be noted that it is the presence of risks that makes the return on investment permissible.

It is possible to use insurance. The insurance process does not take much time, since it is just a transfer of risks from IMAN to the insurer. However, it goes against our beliefs and principles, therefore we can never afford to resort to such practice.

$50,000 is the minimum amount for buying a stake in the company itself on the basis of a convertible option. For proposals to invest in IMAN Group ltd, as a shareholder, please contact us by mail