Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMAN?

IMAN is a sincere conviction that all that occurs originates from the ultimate will of the Almighty. IMAN Invest is an application designed to enhance people's wellbeing through ethical commerce and equitable collaboration, as well as redistributing capital from developed to developing countries.

IMAN operates as an investment fund utilizing Islamic finance principles. IMAN collects capital from investors and directs it to trade, whilst distributing hard-earned profits equitably amongst its investors. This entire process is made both secure and effortless through the presence of legal regulations and a transparent investment platform based on sophisticated technologies.

IMAN directs investments in order to finance goods and services within sectors such as healthcare, education, sports, electronics trading, and the likes of large and small household appliances, construction materials, and so on.

The fundamental goal of IMAN is to maximize financial gains for investors while simultaneously enhancing the well-being of the population and addressing their fundamental necessities. IMAN facilitates people with varied income levels to invest in an ethically and religiously acceptable manner so they can multiply their capital.

IMAN pools investor funds through strategic partnerships, utilizes them to finance business transactions, and divides the gains arising from the trade among investors. From a legal perspective, all investors are effectively the limited partners (or depositors) of this business establishment.

We always acquire a product or service that we intend to sell before any transaction takes place. All of IMAN's business processes are rigorously audited annually in accordance with the Shariah Law.

To schedule a meeting with IMAN, please contact us via call center or live chat in IMAN Invest.

Investing in IMAN is not to be mistaken for trading. Rather, it provides investors with an opportunity to yield a passive return and the investments are directed towards financing trades in installments. Decisions on these activities are made by the IMAN team. while decisions on investments are made by the IMAN team in installments.

In pyramid schemes, one investors' money is simply redistributed to the second investor’s pockets without creating any real value or benefit for the economy. Conversely, investing through installment payments adds to economic activity and growth, compliant with the relevant legal regulations—unlike the case of pyramid schemes.Our legal relations with investors are regulated by the following documents:
  • • Public offer - a legally-binding document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties involved.
  • • Privacy Policy - a document that serves as the foundation for securely storing and utilizing any information submitted by users.

At present, we are actively working on establishing our business finance operations, with an anticipated launch date of 2023.

At present, the financing of cars and real estate is in the process of being established and we will reveal all the information shortly after launching these areas.

Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who are 18 years or older and possess a valid official identity document, can make investments through IMAN Invest from anywhere in the world.

The acceptance of investments from foreign nationals has been temporarily halted and will be resumed shortly.

Yes, if you are a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan! For this you have two ways:
  • 1) Through the use of mobile banking or directly from a foreign bank, you will be able to transfer funds to the IMAN’s currency settlement account; or
  • 2) You can transfer funds to UZCARD or HUMO cards of our fellow citizens, and then use the same cards to make investments.

IMAN assumes full responsibility for the sound management of investments. The IMAN team goes to great lengths to ensure your assets are handled prudently and productively. Boasting extensive financial and risk management expertise, the IMAN team comprises experienced professionals.

  1. 1) A phone with Android operating system of 8.0 or the equivalent to that of an iPhone.
  2. 2) Your passport or the new form of an identity card (ID card)
  3. 3) Confirmation of permanent residence registration
    •      • Certificate of residence from the Public Services Agency - if you have an ID card;
    •      • Page 7 of your passport

  1. 1) Enter your phone number in the app for registration.
  2. 2) In the 'Profile' section of the application, click the button for the identity verification process
  3. 3) Next, the sequence is further indicated in the app:
  4. 4) Take a clear photo of your passport
  5. 5) Fill out the form and send your data
  6. 6) After that, your identity will be confirmed in the system within 3-7 days

First you will need to scan your profile page in the passport from the application - the part where there is your photo. And then the application itself will detect all the information about the passport. Next, you need to photograph the following parts of your passport:

  1.      1) The section where your photo is available;
  2.       2) The section where there is data on the place of residence;

You can also click the input button and fill in the data manually. Be careful and accurate while you are entering your data using the Latin alphabet.

Investors can choose to invest in a partnership for a period of 1-4 years, with a minimum investment amount of 100,000 sums and no maximum limit. Profit is expected to be around 20-30% per annum and can be withdrawn every 3 months, or reinvested automatically when not withdrawn. Reinvestment - the process of redirecting profits back into the original investment made by an investor in a partnership. This process is repeated every 3 months unless an investor chooses to withdraw their earnings. If, due to certain circumstances, the investor wishes to withdraw funds before the completion of the specified time frame, their investment will be reimbursed within 90 days from the date of submitting the relevant application, as per the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Limited Partnerships. When withdrawing investments prior to the completion of the contracted time period, the investor's earnings for the preceding month shall be calculated in accordance with the formula set forth within the system, which accounts for the early withdrawal of said investments.

A 100% profit guarantee does not align with the standards of Islamic finance, as no individual or organization can be certain of the future market movements. We utilize the latest innovation alongside our most qualified risk management and finance experts to obtain an accurate prognosis for investment returns. Through diversifying investments across hundreds of transactions, IMAN effectively reduces any potential risks to investors. For instance, if up to 20 out of 1000 trades are closed in losses, profits gained from the remaining 980 trades should easily compensate for this loss.

The investor's profit directly depends on the partnership's profit, which in turn is tied to several indicators, these are:

  • a) Volume of trade - the higher the trade volume, the greater the potential profit and vice versa;
  • b) Regularity of payouts - If payments are made in a timely manner or even before the due date, we can reinvest them into new trades, thereby generating more profit. Conversely, if the payments are delayed beyond the expected time, then there will be fewer funds to invest in new trades resulting in reduced profits;
  • c) Cost optimization - We meticulously manage all costs and negotiate agreements that will yield the highest profits.

The changes in these indicators affect the investor's profit directly; therefore, we rely upon skilled professionals and modern technology to continually monitor and refine them.

Your investment will be active from the date of your investment and your profit will be calculated at the end of the next month, following the month of the investment because according to our system, payments from financed transactions will begin to flow to our Limited Partnership on average 1 month after they are concluded. For example, if you invest on January 28th, we will register your investment on February 1st and in the first half of March, you can get your profit data for February.

You can withdraw your profits to your bank account or card every three months, at the start of April, July, October, and January. To do this, you must submit an application for profit withdrawal one month before the end of the quarter during February, May, August, and November.

Yes, if you would like to withdraw your funds prior to the end of the designated period, your investments will be returned within 90 days of submission of the request, in accordance with the Law on Limited Partnerships. When withdrawing your investments before the end of this period, your profit for the preceding month will be determined based on a formula incorporated in our system's programming which is aware of and factored for the fact that you are withdrawing early.

As an investor, we protect your rights in the following ways:

  • • Accepting your investments only through official banks or payment systems (backed by banks) which require verification of both the recipient and sender;
  • • Reflecting the rights and obligations of the Investor and IMAN in our public offer which you will accept during registration on our application;
  • • Making each investor a legal partner of IMAN, with said status registered and confirmed by the Public Services Agency at the Ministry of Justice – this confirms that there is a legitimate legal relationship between an investor and IMAN;
  • • Having a Shariah Council to regularly check whether our business requirements comply with Islamic finance principles, which are based on mutual respect and fairness amongst partners;
  • • Having a team made up of highly respected professionals in their field – this ensures that partner rights remain a priority.

We will spread out your funds across all of our trades. For instance, if 100,000,000 sums were put in, we would allocate them to 100,000 separate transaction agreements. Given that the likelihood of not being able to meet the repayments for all 100,000 people who have passed our stringent checks is exceedingly small, the risk of completely losing your investment is virtually zero.

IMAN is comprised of two legal entities:
  • • The Limited Partnership "IMAN HALAL INVESTMENTS KOMMANDITNOE TOVARISHESTVO" (the "Fund") receives funds from investors, who are also registered as founders of this LP, to conduct its main commercial activities.
  • • LLC "IMAN HALAL INVESTMENTS" (the "Management Company") serves as the Management Company of the Fund and is responsible for managing its activities.

The Board of Muslims of Uzbekistan, which brings together leading minds in the field of Islamic law and finance, issued a Fatwa after conducting a thorough and extensive study of our operations. There is also a Fatwa given by Ziyad Mohammed, a man who holds a PhD in Islamic finance and works at the International University of Islamic Finance. All important and major business decisions are taken only after receiving approval from the Shariah Council.

Your funds will be used for trading in installments of products and services. This means that goods are purchased from a store at a cost of 100 sum and/or with a certain discounted rate applied then sold for 120 sum. Precisely, these margins and discounts bring profits to the investor. In other words, the investor and IMAN's profits come exclusively from trading activities; as such, their success is directly correlated with the success of their trades.