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Shariah Compliance

Compliance with the principles of Islamic finance is confirmed by the Board of Muslims of Uzbekistan, as well as by Sheikh Dr. Ziyad Mohammed from Malaysia


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Initial Investment

25 mln

Monthly Investment

3 mln

Investment term

18 year

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Frequently Asked Questions

IMAN directs funds received from investors to finance the sale of goods and services in installments. Examples include household appliances, furniture, auto parts, electronics, sporting goods, medical care, treatments, surgical operations and training courses. Customers make payments on these purchases over time with a margin ranging from 0% to 35%. If a 0% margin is applied, IMAN is able to generate profit due to discounts (bonuses) provided by partners. When applying a margin of 0%, profit is obtained due to discounts (bonuses) provided by partners. Taxes and other expenses are deducted from the profit, 90% of the net profit being distributed to the investor while the 10% going to IMAN. Take the invested amount of 1,000,000 sums from an investor who has made 300,000 sums of net profit. In this scenario, 270,000 sums of this net profit belongs to the investor and IMAN, now, owns the other 30,000 sums.

IMAN directs investments in order to finance goods and services within sectors such as healthcare, education, sports, electronics trading, and the likes of large and small household appliances, construction materials, and so on.

In financial pyramids, the money of one investor is distributed to the second investor, meaning that investor money is simply redistributed with no net appreciation of the broader economy. However, our investments are dedicated to trading and lending, helping to stimulate the economic development of the region. All activities undertaken by our firm are done so strictly within the law - a stark contrast to pyramid schemes. We have several documents in place which regulate our legal relationship with investors: a Public Offer outlining the rights and obligations of all parties; and a Privacy Policy outlining how a users’ information will be stored and used.

Using the “%” symbol does not necessarily imply interest-based transactions. It simply denotes that 1/100th part of something is being referred to. In Islamic finance, IMAN and investors enter into a Mudarabah contract, which allows them to trade goods such as household appliances, electronics, and furniture. As an example, if an investment of 1 million sums was made in order to trade products and there was a net profit of 300,000 sums after one year, then 90% of this profit would go to the investor and 10% would be given to IMAN. This equates to 27% return on the original investment. The only difference is that a usual market trader uses his own money or borrowed money whereas IMAN and investors trade in partnership, profits and losses being shared according to permissible regulations in Islamic finance.

If you decide to withdraw funds prior to the end of the selected term, your investment will be returned to you within 90 days from the date of submitting your request. The profits for the previous month will be computed according to a formula in the system that accounts for early withdrawal of investments.

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Achieve your goals faster with IMAN


Achieve your goals faster with IMAN